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M.Eng. Xian Li

email (at)
+49 631 205 3142
+49 631 205 4409
P.O. Box 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern
research interests
Hybrid systems play an important role in model-based design which is common in engineering disciplines: Here, a model of the system to be built is made, simulated, analyzed, and optimized before actually building the system -- preferably with the help of computer-aided design tools. My research is based on the Quartz language with its extension to hybrid systems. The overall goal is to combine the modeling capabilities of the Quartz language with the simulation/verification capabilities of various SAT/SMT solvers and theorem provers. This includes:
  • symbolic simulation algorithms for parameterized formal models supporting standard data types (reals, integers and booleans) and affine dynamics
  • verification condition generation procedures to generate proof goals for safety property verification of hybrid systems
  • verification techniques and strategies evaluation for solving verification conditions using SAT/SMT solvers and theorem provers
  • verification-based approaches to detecting Zeno behaviors
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