Embedded Systems Group (ES)

Dr.rer.nat. Thomas Türk

tuerk (at) in.tum.de
was member of the group
from 2004 to 2005
left for
University of Cambridge
research interests
interactive theorem proving using higher order logics
translating temporal logics
alternating automata
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I first got in contact with the Embedded Systems Group by attending the lecture Verification of Reactive Systems in summer term 2003. In 2004, Prof. Schneider became my tutor in the PhD-Program of Computer Science. I got introduced in working in this group during winter term 2003/04 while applying to the seminar Verification of Reactive Systems. Afterwards, I helped to write some papers (see my publications of that time). In May 2005, I finished my Diploma Thesis. Additionally, I presented the results of my Diploma Thesis at the TPHOLs 2005 conference. Then, I had a look at alternating automata, which resulted in a technical report. From 2006 on, I was with the Automated Reasoning Group of the University of Cambridge, and am now with the TU Munich.