Embedded Systems Group (ES)


Student Projects

The following is a list of some recent student projects. Typically, the students developed these systems under the guidance of one of the group members using our Averest system.


Coprocessor for Numerical Computing

In this project, students developed a coprocessor for accelerating numerical computations using FPGAs. The design was inspired by graphics cards in that threads are executed in groups called wraps.


Secure Hashing (SHA2)

In this project, students developed a hardware implementation of the secure hashing algorithm SHA2 defined by the NSA. Using Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs, a very good throughput has been obtained.

Sequence alignment

Sequence Alignment

In this project, a hardware implementation of an algorithm for sequence alignment was developed. The goal was to send input sequences from a host computer to an FPGA, which computed the aligned sequences and sent the results back to the computer.

concept car

Concept Car

The ConceptCar is an experimental embedded system with the objective of testing and verifying modern future car features by deploying different classes of applications.

Lego robot

Lego Robot

In this project, a small group of students built a robot with Lego Mindstorms and programmed it using our synchronous programming language Quartz. The robot was placed on a "labyrinth" and was given the task of searching a small box, retrieving it, and bringing it home to its starting location.

polygon processing

Polygon Processing

In this project, we implemented a software library for polygon processing. In contrast to other software libraries such as CGAL, our software library was designed to meet the special requirements, which come from the domain of embedded systems, e.g. safe approximations or dealing with limited ressources.